I was going to make some long profound Mother's Day blog post, but honestly I don't think it's necessary. I will say that in my 56 years of being blessed on this earth, I have seen the very best.

My own mom-who showed me who God is, and who loved everyone unconditionally, even when we didn't deserve it.

My sister-who has shown me what a Godly sister is-she is not just a sister, but also a best friend.

A dear friend who sacrificed her heart so her sweet baby could have the very best life possible. An act so unselfish that it brings me to tears every time I remember seeing them together.

And my own daughter. I don't know where she learned it from, but when she needed it most, God led her to be the MOST amazing mother to her critically ill baby boy. A baby so sick sometimes it was hour to hour, but then also he had good days, where he smiled and started cooing ever so slightly.  A mom who had her heart ripped out when her baby boy did as she gave him permission to do, and flew to Heaven on the purest of angel wings. That Mom. That's the one I aspire to be, even though in years I am 30 years her senior, in wisdom she is surely much older than me. God is blessing her again soon, with a rainbow baby girl, and I can't wait to witness once again the joy she gets from being a mother. She and her babies are my heart.

I love you all, whether your babies are on earth, in Heaven or in someone else's arms; whether you've grown them in your belly or your heart; whether your mom is in Heaven or on earth. I wish you a blessed day of sweet memories if that's all you have, and lots of love and hugs if you're still able to give and/or get them. Motherhood, and grand-motherhood have been God's greatest blessings to me.



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