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Where does your heart live?

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, " Well in my chest of course!". No, I'm not talking about it's physical home. I am talking about WHERE does your heart live figuratively speaking. If you asked me right now, I would tell you that I am not sure where, or even how my heart is living. My heart used to live in the area of faith and compassion, with side streets of empathy and love, cul-de-sacs of understanding and belief.  But now all of those areas are under construction. That's what happens when we undergo a life changing event such as the loss of a baby, grandchild or really any one you love more than yourself. Because let's be honest, the people you love more than yourself in this world are very few. So few that they make up such large parts of your heart, that when they leave there are huge sinkholes. Huge, black endless holes that suck and destroy everything that gets close enough to the edge. Losing my grandson Harper created one of those sinkho