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Forget the pain........

My trip to Haiti was not a fun trip-although many parts of it were funny, and very enjoyable.  What was not fun, were the images of malnourished people of all ages.  We got sick, had butt sores from riding 5 hours on the side of a small truck bed, got bitten by numerous mosquitoes and ants, braved large tarantulas in the shower, used an outhouse, dealt with some very unpleasant people-but all of this pales in comparison to what the citizens of Haiti go through on a daily basis.  No matter what part of Haiti you live in-you have to deal with a corrupt government-that cares nothing for it's citizens. If they did, wouldn't they help them out more?  It was so sad to see, and the feeling that you want to fix everything is overwhelming-if you let it be.  But you can't. You just have to realize you are one person, working with other people to begin to help. Andy help there is much appreciated by it's recipients-we saw that time and time again.  All of this said-and still nursi