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Into the light~

I woke up this morning, well really this afternoon. Depression does that to you, it makes you sleep and time sort of irrelevant. But I woke up feeling a bit different today. The difference is I'm feeling a bit more normal. My new normal, but a lighter feeling. Like the clouds are starting to open up, and the Son is coming out again. Yes, I meant to type SON.  I've said all along since losing Harper that I have no idea how people survive such loss without a relationship with Christ. Or a relationship with some sort of Higher Power. My Higher Power just happens to be Jesus Christ. I decided this morning, instead of my regular country music, for the next 30 days I will only listen to songs about God. Whether they be old or new, they will only speak about God and what He can and does do for me. So the first one that came on when I turned on the music was this one. I LOVE IT! It's called Shoulders by a group called for King & Country. I've only listed the first verse or…