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Too many "Me Too"s

Unless you live under a rock, you've read/heard about the claims of sexual harassment and abuse of women by Harvey Weinstein. In an effort to shed a light on sexual harassment and abuse towards women, a movement has begun on Facebook with staggering amounts of people posting simply "Me Too".  First I want to recognize that this doesn't only happen to women, this type of assault and abuse happens to men as well.   It's astonishing to see the amount of people who've posted, also sickening and saddening.  It's like so many other things, like cancer, Alzheimer's etc. You can be in a room with 100 s of strangers and probably 75% of them have had a similar experience. You just aren't aware because they are strangers. I don't recall the exact date, but I do recall the day, and moment that repressed memories came flooding into my mind. I was in my mid-thirties,  on my long commute to my job downtown, and a rush or memories came barreling i