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Mission Impossible?

Just some questions to make you think: Did you take a bath today? Has your child been sick lately? Did you take him/her to the doctor? Did they have to have medicine, and if so-how easy was it for you to get the medicine they needed?  Have you done laundry this week? Eaten good, fresh vegetables and other foods, and had fresh clean water to drink?  When was the last time you had to make a life or death decision regarding your life, or that of one of your children? Have you ever heard the saying “Charity begins at home.” ??  I have-and I’ve even said it before. Shame on me. I have a wonderful friend of 30+ years who has been on several medical missions to Nicaragua. When she told me of their hardships there, I thought-”Ugh-you won’t catch me going there, charity begins at home, and so many people here need to be helped and hear God’s word.”  I am SO ashamed of myself.  For what other reason has God blessed me so, but to help others?  God doesn’t say “feed my sheep-but only i