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Dear McDonalds, CookOut, Little Caesar's, Zaxby's~ I regret to inform you that I must end this relationship we've been having. Yes, I'll admit it, I've been seeing more than one of you at a time. While my taste buds enjoyed your salty fatty foods, my body did not. It's given me an ultimatum that I can't ignore. My knees are screaming at me, my back sends me hate mail, and my blood pressure is threatening a strike. You had me in your grips for way too long, and one of us has to go, so it's going to be me........... Yep-I'll admit it-I LOVE fast food. Hey, it's fast!  And easy-someone else does the cooking AND the cleaning of the kitchen. All I have to do is give them my money and eat it. I don't even have to walk in their establishment!! Wow-what a fabulous world. Wait, hold up. That shit's killing me!  LEt's see if I can do this right for a change. Now I am asking the clerk at the store, "Where are the jicama sticks?",

Just like riding a bike.............

People say this about so may things. If you haven't done something in a long time, and you're intimidated by it, they say, "Oh, it's just like riding a bike!"  How many of you ride bikes? Lol!!  I hadn't been on a bicycle in 29 years when in 2014 I took up riding again with Beka. It was essential to her healing physically and emotionally. And it proved to be therapeutic for me too! We would take off on our bikes, even on the muggiest of evenings and ride for 11 or so miles sometimes. We laughed a lot, especially when one of us would almost fall or wreck. It was a very fun summer and fall. Then life happened, and due to being so busy with her high risk pregnancy, then caring for Harper, there were much more important things in our lives. After we lost Harper, I sunk into a very very horrible depression. I didn't want to do anything, for much of the time. Along with the emotional weight, came the physical weight as well.  I wanted so badly