Just like riding a bike.............

People say this about so may things. If you haven't done something in a long time, and you're intimidated by it, they say, "Oh, it's just like riding a bike!"  How many of you ride bikes? Lol!!  I hadn't been on a bicycle in 29 years when in 2014 I took up riding again with Beka. It was essential to her healing physically and emotionally. And it proved to be therapeutic for me too! We would take off on our bikes, even on the muggiest of evenings and ride for 11 or so miles sometimes. We laughed a lot, especially when one of us would almost fall or wreck. It was a very fun summer and fall.

Then life happened, and due to being so busy with her high risk pregnancy, then caring for Harper, there were much more important things in our lives. After we lost Harper, I sunk into a very very horrible depression. I didn't want to do anything, for much of the time. Along with the emotional weight, came the physical weight as well.  I wanted so badly NOT to be that way, and as many days as I thought I would never climb my way back out, there were some days when I just knew I would-I had to.

That time has come. Don't get me wrong, I'm still terribly grieved over losing my amazing grandson Harper, but I know that will never change. And I know that God truly did what was best for Harper, and healed him. And I know I will see him again one day. But until that time comes, I have a lot of living to do. I know God isn't finished with me, and I feel like He has a purpose for me. No, I KNOW He does. So thank goodness riding a bike is so easy. It's something I can actually do to improve both my emotional and physical health. Due to a fall in a slippery creek injuring my back, and the added weight, walking for exercise is hard for me. And not all exercises are made for everyone. I know, I know. Some people will say,"Oh ___________ is something anyone can do!!" about their choice of exercise, but not for me. Not right now anyway.  But the cruiser is no longer for me. This week I'm ordering a touring bike. One that I will put many miles and memories on. Charleston is a FABULOUS place to cycle. There are so many beautiful parks, trails, and lots of riding clubs for riders of all levels.  And, the fact that they didn't laugh me out of the bike shop, and the manager answered my Facebook message to their page EVERYTIME I sent one (shout out to Jeff!!), made me hopeful!  So, it's happening. My goal is to do a century ride this year (100 miles). I know-sounds like a lot right?  It's not really. If I can do 11 miles before I've even realized it, I know I can do 100!  I'm also spending Christmas in Hawaii this year, and hope to ride bikes, or horses, or do some hiking there with Beka and her hubby!

I guess what I'm telling you, is 2018 is MINE! I am grabbing the bull by the horns (in this case really the handle bars!) and not stopping til I've reached my goal of feeling better and inspiring at least one person. Even if it's only one, that's enough for me! Here's my sweet old cruiser (which I will save for anyone who comes to visit and wants to ride!).

And here's the new bike to come. It's called a Long Haul Trucker (Blacktacular!)  I'm told that color is easier to keep clean. Lol! For real!  Mine will have upright handle bars to begin with ( I will add the original ones back once I am more comfortable with the whole thing), a bit larger saddle (seat), black handlebar grips and a bit larger tires. Oh, and a shiny new bell!!!  I WILL ride with a helmet, since I only have one brain, and would love to keep it :-)

I'm blessed with an amazing job that provides me plenty of daylight hours to ride, even in the winter!  SCORE!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you will help keep me accountable, and I hope to provide you with lots of pictures from the road of the beautiful Low Country I live in.

I love you all~


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