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Sister Act

My sister was here this past week. Finally, from Colorado. I saw her Thanksgiving 2017, and then I hadn't seen her since February of this year. She came to visit just before I was hospitalized and a couple of the days I felt so bad I was forced to stay home and in the bed. And while I am sad I didn't get to adventure with her those days, almost better is the fact that she and my daughter spent those days together. They filled their water flasks at random gas stations (because as my sister says, "water is free!"), went to the beach, hunted sharks teeth, hunted shells, climbed a lighthouse, ate Mexican food, laughed and probably cried too, and just spent time loving on each other. My adult daughter has an amazing bond with my sister. A relationship I've prayed for.  Because my sister loves her like ,e.. But better. She's a caregiver at heart, and couldn't love my own daughter more if she had borne her herself.  And now, she loves my granddaughter, her great