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Bits and Pieces

Yes, it is 12:58am and I have a flight at 6am. But this just hit me. I am headed to see my sweet girl in paradise. She and her hubby are stationed in Hawaii. I could care less where they live, I just want to see them, but I am NOT complaining about having to fly to such a beautiful place!  I just want to be near her and soak her in. Smell her, hug her, listen to her laugh that deep belly laugh and see her smile in person!  As I was putting some things in the freezer tonight, I was reminded of the pictures below, and the feelings this time evoked. When my grandson Harper was born, prematurely at 3.8lbs and critically ill, he couldn't nurse. So my daughter pumped. And pumped and pumped and pumped. We still had to fortify his feedings with more calories since they were trying to get his weight up. Haper moved to Heaven just over 19 months ago. Last month I did a huge purge of my freezer. I found containers of precious liquid gold breast milk that had been lovingly pumped for Harper,

Sunny Side Up~

My sister and I grew up as fair skinned, freckle faced red headed kids, back before sunscreen or skin cancer was much of a concern to anyone. In my 20s I was even more careless by regularly going to tanning beds. But in the last 20 years I've become a religious and faithful user of good sunscreen.  I was careless last weekend and got the worst burn I've had in probably that many years. It resulted in sun poisoning; nausea, chills, blisters and immense pain. Even over 1 week later, I am still getting new blisters!! Did you know that the wonderful tan you think is God's way of making you look better, is actually your body's way of trying to protect your skin from the harmful burning rays !!!  And too much sun/tanning, results in more wrinkles and a leathery appearance to your skin. And just because you "tan well", doesn't mean your skin won't benefit from using sunscreen. It can still help block out harmful rays.  (In case you don't know how link