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My sister and I grew up as fair skinned, freckle faced red headed kids, back before sunscreen or skin cancer was much of a concern to anyone. In my 20s I was even more careless by regularly going to tanning beds. But in the last 20 years I've become a religious and faithful user of good sunscreen.  I was careless last weekend and got the worst burn I've had in probably that many years. It resulted in sun poisoning; nausea, chills, blisters and immense pain. Even over 1 week later, I am still getting new blisters!! Did you know that the wonderful tan you think is God's way of making you look better, is actually your body's way of trying to protect your skin from the harmful burning rays!!!  And too much sun/tanning, results in more wrinkles and a leathery appearance to your skin. And just because you "tan well", doesn't mean your skin won't benefit from using sunscreen. It can still help block out harmful rays.

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When Beka was younger, Andy and I took her to Cancun. In the weeks before we left, at a neighborhood street fair we found a new brand of sunscreen with an SPF for 44. They bragged about it being Ironman certified and we weren't really sure what that meant at the time. What it means is you can put it on and it will be good and protect you for 8 hours in and out of the water. We put it on every morning and wore it all day long and even with Beka going in and out of the pool she never got sunburned and she still came home with some what of a suntan tan. One day Andy and I commented that none of our friends would be able to tell we had gone to Mexico because he and I hadn't received any sunburn or really any tan. So we let ourselves get a little pink the day before we came home. In light of the horrible sunburn I received last weekend and because I'm headed to Hawaii in about 3 weeks I went online searching for that fabulous product. I found it, and I ordered it and it will be shipped to my daughter's home in Hawaii so it's there for my visit.

 This stuff is truly amazing you can buy it now on Amazon which is where I ordered mine, but I've listed their home page so you can read a little bit about it. It was started by gentleman who originally made a pain relief cream for his sister who is going through radiation treatments.  Her skin was being badly burned by the treatments and she had quite a lot of pain from them. Her brother set out to create a pain relief cream that would treat her Burns and her pain. He created Radx.

And this is the web page for their sunscreen so you can check that out as well but you can order on Amazon and now you can even find it and some us retailer stores. Solrx

I don't know why but after all those years and especially after this most recent sunburn I'm more afraid of skin cancer than ever. Please protect your skin it's the only one you have!

Love you all!!


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