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Another round.

Another round of life for me and my friends. Just as no one likes to drink alone, no one likes to do much alone, whether it's good or bad. Bad situations just seem more bearable when you're not alone, and we as humans like to share the good with others around us too. Am I right? I had to have costly repairs on my cute car who I've affectionately name Blue Betty. I got her back today, blessed to have an amazing friend who made the repairs possible. I oooed and ahhhed over her, cleaned her inside and out, wiped everything down since it smelled a bit "mechanic-y", and took her to my favorite car wash to cleanse her new self.  Oh, got off track there. Did I say how happy I am to have my car back?? Anyway, for a couple of years have been driving ride share, to make extra money for trips I wanna take and for special things I wanna buy. It also helps get me out of the house to meet people and engage with others face-to-face. It's just a part time gig but I've th

NOT as clear as glass.........

There are so many things I could have named this particular post; One Day at a Time, Don't Weight, yaddy yaddy ya, so on and so forth. It's a long one-so grab some coffee, a comfy chair and sit for a spell. I know I've been silent for way too long. I am about to be very raw with you, and I am not referring to vegetables. Thank you to one particular person I spoke to this morning at length, for squeezing this post, raw but true, out of me. And let me preface the rest of this post by saying, I don't need you to feel sorry for me, pat me on the back, judge me or do anything. I just can't go on living a lie. It's not who I am. Others can do that in their lives, but until I am honest with myself, I can't be honest with others. And my getting well and living a better life depends on HONESTY! So once upon a time....... nah. Lol! Just kidding, not THAT long ago. But to start, here's some facts. My mom was a petite person, my dad was not. Mom had a small fame