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Changing my life to save my life....

I’ve debated over the last 7.5 months about when, if and how I would share my latest journey.  Early on,  I shared with one friend ,  who I knew was familiar with this journey, about my decision. S he totally blasted me and only had bad things to say about it.  I was hurt and it made me NOT want to share with anyone. But  I think it’s important to share trials, triumphs and things like that because you might just help ONE person. And if so, then it’s all worth it.  That is the main reason I am sharing my story. I am not looking for Atta girl! Kudos or any other sort of affirmation from anyone, s o just know, if you come at me with the least  bit of  negative comments, I will toss you out like a dirty diaper.   But I digress…. I’ve had issues with my knees since around 2008. I tore the meniscus in my left one first, dancing at Vacation Bible School one night (yes Christians CAN dance  J  ). Then, as I was waiting to have that one repaired, the stress on my other “good” kne e caused that