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How did I get through it?

I had a very dear friend ask me this today about the loss of my precious grandson Harper - "How did you get thru that Rhonda. I cannot imagine walking out without him. Did you ever lose it?? How do you manage the pain every day?" This was my reply~ "I would have rather walked off a cliff into a pit of burning lava than to have walked out of that hospital with an empty car seat. It was, and still is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced. I can't really tell you how we did it, how we continue to do it. It's certainly not by our own accord. We have had so many people praying and honestly I believe that's the ONLY thing that has sustained us. And if Beka is strong and continues to go on, how can I not? A huge part of my heart is missing, it will never be replaced. I know he is still here somewhere, not only in our hearts. I would never want him back for me, just to have him have to go through all he had ahead of him though. More surgeries, dia