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I love you and I've missed you, but my girls have been misbehaving!

So I went yesterday with my dear friend T to have a Stereotactical Biospy of my left breast. This is all old hat to me. My gyno recommended I go for a baseline when I was 35, I didn’t. I waited til I was 36-THEN I had to have a biopsy-the same kind listed above. It was benign, but I had to go back in 6 months for a recheck. So out of the 10 years I’ve been having mammograms, I’ve had to have at least one biopsy on at least 8 of them. This past November I went in with a place of concern in my right breast, and they found something totally different on the mammo, and that place had to have a biopsy. Not to be outdone, my left breast decided it would act up-and show off some new microcalcifications. But my wonderful Dr. I (he’s the BOOB expert!!), thought we should wait 6 months and recheck. So 6 months was May 19th, he still didn’t like the looks, so we scheduled this biopsy at the SURGERY Center!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!! Seriously??         "Oh, you don’t have to put me out? Whew!!