I love you and I've missed you, but my girls have been misbehaving!

So I went yesterday with my dear friend T to have a Stereotactical Biospy of my left breast. This is all old hat to me. My gyno recommended I go for a baseline when I was 35, I didn’t. I waited til I was 36-THEN I had to have a biopsy-the same kind listed above. It was benign, but I had to go back in 6 months for a recheck. So out of the 10 years I’ve been having mammograms, I’ve had to have at least one biopsy on at least 8 of them. This past November I went in with a place of concern in my right breast, and they found something totally different on the mammo, and that place had to have a biopsy. Not to be outdone, my left breast decided it would act up-and show off some new microcalcifications. But my wonderful Dr. I (he’s the BOOB expert!!), thought we should wait 6 months and recheck. So 6 months was May 19th, he still didn’t like the looks, so we scheduled this biopsy at the SURGERY Center!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!! Seriously??         "Oh, you don’t have to put me out? Whew!! Only a local? GREAT!!!" NOT!!! After they were done getting the 12 tissue samples (while my left breast was compressed in the mammo machine the WHOLE time!!), I wished they had knocked me out!! But I impressed Dr. I-he said “Doll-that is a very painful procedure, you tolerated it very well. You are NOT a wimpy woman!”. Well, duh!!!! I could’ve told him that! Anyway, I think that’s what he said-I don’t know-maybe I was still blinded by the pain. They gave me a lot of numbing shots-but I think those shots would've been better served if they  had been in a glass, and going down my throat!!  So now I wait…….and wait……and wait………I know, right?? It’s crazy agonizing. But I have some of the most awesome Prayer Warriors-all over the country!!! And I know that worrying about it won’t change the outcome-so I’m gonna let God take care of it, He’s good at that sort of thing you know. BUT, I have a VERY important message for all of you-DO YOUR MONTHLY SELF BREAST EXAMS!!! It’s so important-and it can sneak up on you very quickly. Did you know that even MEN can get breast cancer?? It only takes a few minutes, and it’s well worth that little bit of time, don’t you think? If you’re not sure how to do it-go to this link-


I will keep you posted. I’ve missed you all (few) of my blog friends. I hope I make you laugh, and can bring something positive into your life if you’ll let me!!
Much to come in the near future as I begin a TOTALLY new and welcome chapter of my life!
Much love~


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