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A diagnosis at last ~

Let's face it, this blog entry could have been named many things. 1. Because it covers many things, and 2. Because it will be long (there's your warning), so turn back now or plan to read it in stages.  So grab a drink (have one for me too!) put your reading glasses on (if you wear them), get comfy and sit back. Here we go!!! I haven't felt well for some time. But honestly, who can run to the doctor with every little pain or thing that bothers them? I didn't, because I was often brushed off or made to feel nothing was wrong.  OR, here's a good one, it was all blamed on being overweight. I honestly think some others think that people who are overweight don't KNOW they are.  But I digress... In retrospect, I can look back and see I've been physically unwell for some time. I ignored many very important signs because I felt like I would be ignored, and maybe they would actually find something wrong with me.  SO here's what brought me to this point;