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Go ahead, take the picture!

People sometimes ask me when I developed a love of photography, or when I started taking pictures.  I can't tell you. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't know, honestly.  I've always love pictures, taking them and looking at them. My first very vivid memories are of my Dad using his little box camera, and how he would stand and look down into the viewfinder. I loved that "pose".  And I loved what it captured. And I can't even tell you how it made me feel when he actually let ME do it. He would stand behind me and help me hold it steady, and I got to press the shutter down. I didn't know all the workings of the camera, and how or why it did the things it did, it didn't matter. I only knew that something great would come out of it. And the wait for the film to be sent off, developed and sent back to us was always torturous.  To this day, pressing down that shutter still gives me butterflies and excitement.  I read a blog from a mom once