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So you bought a bike...........

Yes, yes I did. And I'm so frustrated with many things, having to do with it, and others not. I can't get the comfort issue right, not enough padding, too large of a saddle (bike lingo for seat), the right handle grips, trying to get my distance and speed up, but I can't do that til I remedy the aforementioned issues. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it's not stopping me from riding some every week at least. I am determined to learn and grow, and get healthier doing this! Last week was stressful, yesterday was the WORST, and all I could think about was how I NEEDED to be on my bike. I rushed to get my riding clothes on after work and shot out of the driveway, not even stopping til I had gone 2.3 miles and my hands were numb and my lungs were burning. I just NEEDED it. I stopped just before the research fields at the Clemson Research center, just after I'd gone over the creek. The magnolias, honeysuckles and something else were so fragrant. I almost hyper ventilated t