Dear McDonalds, CookOut, Little Caesar's, Zaxby's~

I regret to inform you that I must end this relationship we've been having. Yes, I'll admit it, I've been seeing more than one of you at a time. While my taste buds enjoyed your salty fatty foods, my body did not. It's given me an ultimatum that I can't ignore. My knees are screaming at me, my back sends me hate mail, and my blood pressure is threatening a strike. You had me in your grips for way too long, and one of us has to go, so it's going to be me...........

Yep-I'll admit it-I LOVE fast food. Hey, it's fast!  And easy-someone else does the cooking AND the cleaning of the kitchen. All I have to do is give them my money and eat it. I don't even have to walk in their establishment!! Wow-what a fabulous world. Wait, hold up. That shit's killing me!  LEt's see if I can do this right for a change.

Now I am asking the clerk at the store, "Where are the jicama sticks?", or "Where's the Everything Bagel seasoning (this you will LOVE!!!)?"..............and QuinWHA?? Quinoa. I finally learned how to pronounce that one, still working on edamame.  And who knew they made shredded brussel sprouts?? SCORE!  Those I don't like whole unless you bake them with oil, bacon etc. But Shredded? I can sautee those suckers with my other veggies. Which is what I did here!

And thank you to the Shrimp Man, he showed me how to dehead (is that the right term?), or behead the shrimps without them stabbing me.  Still not a fun thing to do, but they are so yummy they are worth it.   I DID learn that brown rice is finicky. I scorched it. So on to the minute kind. Hey, I have to pick my battles.

This is a daily effort for me. Cooking, not allowing my subconscious to drive my car into the nearest fast food joint I am driving by (yes, it's a bad thing when you drive through in contact lenses and the clerk at the window notices you aren't wearing your glasses!!). I'm sure the kids at Dunkin Donuts will think I've moved or died. They saw me at least twice a week.

My eating has improved, and so has my attitude. I'll start riding my bike this week when they are done with it. I stopped by the bike shop yesterday, and met a great gal who wants to be biking pals. We exchanged numbers. It's just as exciting as making a new friend in school!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!
Love you all~


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