Mission Impossible?

Just some questions to make you think:
Did you take a bath today? Has your child been sick lately? Did you take him/her to the doctor? Did they have to have medicine, and if so-how easy was it for you to get the medicine they needed?  Have you done laundry this week? Eaten good, fresh vegetables and other foods, and had fresh clean water to drink?  When was the last time you had to make a life or death decision regarding your life, or that of one of your children? Have you ever heard the saying “Charity begins at home.” ??  I have-and I’ve even said it before. Shame on me.

I have a wonderful friend of 30+ years who has been on several medical missions to Nicaragua. When she told me of their hardships there, I thought-”Ugh-you won’t catch me going there, charity begins at home, and so many people here need to be helped and hear God’s word.”  I am SO ashamed of myself.  For what other reason has God blessed me so, but to help others?  God doesn’t say “feed my sheep-but only in your native land”.  People are people-no matter where they are, what country or continent.  I’ve never had to worry about where my child’s next meal, pair of shoes, clothing or medicine would come from.  Last year, a small delegation from our church, TLC, went to the country of Haiti.  In addition to witnessing-their main focus is to try and find ways to help them in their communities. Here are some appalling things about life in Haiti~
There are about 2 million people in the city they go to visit, and there is only one hospital there, where the floors are covered with dirt.  But that is really their least concern.   They live in home made shacks with no heat, air, running water, or restrooms.  The city has an open sewer system, and when walking to the hospital they could smell the stench of rotting bodies.  TB is rampant there.  A lot of children have TB, and all it takes to get diagnosed is an x-ray.  UNICEF will give the money for them to get an x-ray (about $8.00), but their machine has been broken for about the past year.  The next closest x-ray machine is over mountainous terrain about 15 miles -ONE WAY!  Prescriptions there for the kids only cost about $2.00 each, but their parents have to pay for them.  In the community these men went to visit-the closest source of drinking water is 4 miles one way, on foot; and the water is carried back on their heads, over their shoulders-however they can safely get it back to their home.  God forbid you drop it, that would double your trip.  The doctors in the hospital told them that just having fresh water for drinking, eating and cooking would reduce their patients by 80-90%.  Then they could concentrate on the 10-20% and save more lives.  Everyone in the country thinks the city is better, and wants to be there, but they don’t realize they are better off in the country.  The children don’t smile, there is no hope-only despair.  Mothers lose children on a daily basis.  A child lay dying in the hospital because all he needed was an x-ray, but he was too ill to travel to the nearest working machine; his mother was given a x-ray, but she used it for herself knowing she had two other children to care for.  The leader of this particular delegation has started a foundation to try and get fresh drinking water to them.  Another of the men that went has a company that develops irrigation systems.  Together they hope to help these people have better lives.  We all need to help them.  I can’t imagine losing my child, and especially just because she couldn’t get an x-ray.  Think about this tonight when you go to sleep in your comfortable bed, take your shower, eat your breakfast and kiss your children good night.  I know I will.

Many of you who know me, know the last 6 months of my life has taken me down a path I never thought I would travel. God has shown me that He is all I really need.  I have grown so much spiritually-just ask those closest to me.  They say a very visible change has taken place in my walk with God.  I have been praying for that, and felt for years as though I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose as a Christian. I want to make a difference, and let God lead me to do that.  In October of this year, I will be going to Haiti for a week.  I have a financial goal of $2000.00.  Part of that money will be used for my traveling and housing expenses, but a 1/4 of it will go DIRECTLY to buy prescriptions, food and Bibles for the Haitian people that we meet.  Please pray and let God lead your heart as to your ability to make a monetary donation.  If you aren’t able to do that, please pray for God to guide me as I prepare for this trip physically, emotionally and most importantly-spiritually.  If you want to know more about my trip-please visit Haiti Cheri .  All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please make checks out to Haiti Cheri-you can send them directly to Haiti Cheri-or you can email me for my address.  Be sure to put in the subject line "Rhonda Fant Haiti Trip"



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