The Edge...

Sometimes it's really hard to know when you're about to go over the edge, Emotionally speaking.  Literally speaking, at least if you're in a raft, you have some warning.  But in our emotional lives sometimes a whole lot of little things build-up pressure in our lives and we don't even realize it, Until that 1 relatively minor thing pushes us over the edge. This happened to me the other night.
Last week was incredibly stressful; dealing with the hurricane, whether or not to leave, what food by in case my power went out, throwing away all my food because my power did go out....I was so fortunate. No major damage to my home. But the stress was still there. Hiding underneath the surface.  I had to work last weekend and we were pretty busy because there a lot of people he had trips coming up, and now we have new hurricanes threatening the Caribbean and possibly the Eastern part of the United States, So part of my job is to try and keep them calm help them come up with a good solution to their travel dilemma. Then I have so many friends and loved ones struggling physically and emotionally, and I miss my grandson. And I want to be, once again, in the presence of my wonderful daughter who can make me laugh and cry at the same time but it's still a wonderful feeling.

So yeah, when I got the notice from Amazon Prime last week, that the birthday gift I had ordered the week BEFORE to arrive a specific day for my son-in-law's birthday was not going to arrive..... I lost it.  I'm talking tears folks, big ole red eyes with big tears and I just couldn't stop 'em for a while.  Talked to my daughter and she made me feel better,  And we came to the conclusion that it would just extend his birthday by a day.  I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that stress can sneak up on you and sometimes, and the least little thing can send you over that edge and the tears just come.
But it's okay. Tears are good, cleansing and they wash out my soul.  And having that good cry made me sleep so much better! I think it just helped relieve some of the built up stress.   I try not to stress about the little things but when there are a lot of little things and they build-up sometime it's inevitable so give yourself a break today, have a good cry! I cry and pray at the same time often, good thing God knows what's in my heart because I'm sure He wouldn't be able to understand my babbling! 

If you feel yourself teetering, please talk to someone. Sometimes when you go off the edge, it's not very far down, but sometimes it's WAY down, and you need help getting back up. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help!  

I love ya'll~


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