I know some people think nurses are "just doing their job" when they are at work. But let me tell you, they do way more than their job and so much more than they are ever required to. Nurses will rock and comfort your sick crying grandbaby when his mommy has to go home to get some rest. Nurses will hug you when you don't even realize you need a hug, prompting rivers of tears from exhaustion and heartache. Nurses will gently and lovingly teach you how to bathe your days old baby in the NICU, so you have a chance to do it in case the worst happens and you never get to do it again. Nurses will smile even when they themselves are exhausted because they know you need it. They will laugh with you, rejoice with you, empathize with you, teach you and cry for/with you. Nurses who've only known your child since they came through the ER doors will cry when there's nothing else that can be done. Those same nurses will line the halls with smiling faces when your loved one gets to go home. Nurses will seek you out when they hear your baby is in thePICU fighting, so they can pray with you and offer their support. They will come to the memorial honoring that special little light taken too soon.

 I am so honored to know so many nurses, and to know that one day my sweet girl will be helping others as we were helped when Harper needed those nurses. I LOVE YOU Beka Fant, you will make an amazing nurse one day!

Be sure to appreciate your nurses~
Love you all~


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