In the blink of an eye- or the shutter.....

Someone once asked me, " What is it you enjoy so much about taking pictures?" It's hard to describe really, and maybe that's why I've never done it as a true profession. Because for me taking pictures is really truly more about just capturing a moment in time, the blink of an eye, the nuance of a look, the expression of a certain emotion ( whether it be human or animal) or the beauty of a particular sight that moves me so I want to share with everyone. I once read a post about the importance of taking pictures, even if you have to pay someone to take your family pictures. It was from a woman who had lost her husband prematurely in an accident. The only pictures they had as a family were pictures that she had paid to have someone take. She mentioned how no amount of money now that he was gone, would have ever been too much to pay for those memories. That because she had done so, her young children have many pictures to remember their father by. And even if they were too young to remember being kissed by him, being held by him, being hugged by him or what he looked like- because of a camera they would be able to see what all of those things looked like.
I encourage you to take pictures!!! Have your pictures taken, even if its just a friend coming over to take pictures of your family in your living room-DO IT. You will be glad, your children will be glad and  your grandchildren will be glad. You can't take a picture of someone who's not there- so while all of your family is here take those pictures and capture those memories forever.


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