The long and winding road.......

My road has taken me many places in the last 10 months, and I will try to update you bit by bit, while not overwhelming you.  Most recently the road has taken me to a new state; geographically, spiritually and emotionally.  I will be 50 years old in 6 days, and while that was not the reason I began a new chapter in my life, it has become  a cornerstone of sorts.  My ex moved here in July of last year for work, and in October my 19 year old daughter R moved here to get a fresh start as well.

This move has been (to quote a very good friend) cathartic for me. It has renewed my relationship with my daughter, restored a bit of my sanity and emotional stability and shown me who my true friends are. We all have those moments-the ones where we are faced with the decision of which fork in the road to take. We never know sometimes until it is too late if we have taken the right one or not, we have to trust our instinct, but mostly our hearts. My heart led me down the right road this time, and for that I am truly grateful.

I have always wanted to live in a coastal town, and when my ex told me they needed me here, (because even though we are divorced, we are still family, and my daughter needed her "family"), and that he would help me find a place, it made things so much easier. He knew the area-so he told me  where to look, and where not to look.  Things were hard with the move, I will admit that. But really only because I was trying to squeeze a lot into a small amount of time, to accommodate time already scheduled off of work. But I would have moved sooner if I could have. Once the decision was made, I couldn't get here fast enough. The beach has a healing property that can't be explained. It's almost as if breathing in the waves washes your stress away.

So there's more to come about the move, life as it is now, and what I love about Charleston SC.
For now-hope your road is smooth~


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