Meet you at the beach~

For the 3rd time in my life, I have moved to a state where I knew no, or few people. When I recently moved to Charleston, my daughter was already living here. But I have previously moved to 2 states where I knew only the person I was working for. While that sort of thing might scare some people, it's holds an strange excitement for me. I am the type of person who can meet people and make friends anywhere. My good friend MW used to tell me in Atlanta, "everywhere we go you see someone you know". It happened a lot. But here, I am meeting new people, with their own stories and interesting facts to tell. Saturday, being as windy as it was, I set off for Folly Beach, sure that I would find the crazy surfers. Nothing seems to deter them, and I was in the mood to take some pictures. Behind the lens is one of my most fave places to be, and I was needing some of that therapy. But on my way I turned down a road I had seen several times, and my curiosity finally got the best of me. I thought I would find an actual fort down there, but I also saw spray painted signs saying
RHINO". I thought "Yay-an animal sanctuary!"  I didn't find that, but what I did find was a group of South African natives (not as in natives from the jungle!), but people from SA that now lived here. The organization was called Project RHINO. They were raising money to save the Rhinos from poachers. One lady I met, Judy, said that growing up in South Africa she remembered leopards and elephants walking through their yards, and seeing so many rhinos as a child growing up there. She said she never would have thought that in her life time they would become almost extinct due to poaching. Another man told me that in the US, poachers can be arrested, but there-you have to shoot them, before they shoot you. It is very violent. Such nice and interesting folks. I hope they are successful in making a difference.

So off to the pier I headed. No surfers, but several people fishing. I met 3 guys from N. Charleston, one of them spotted my camera, and asked me about it. Then he told me he was a photographer too. a COMBAT photographer! Yikes! What an interesting job!  After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I introduced myself and shook his hand. Thanking him for his service. They were very nice, and we talked for a long time. I told him I would keep them in my prayers, and hoped to see them again. I met so many people; a couple (from Baton Rouge), visiting their some and daughter-in-law-so nice!, some others who had been at a wedding and reception at the beach. People here are nice, and willing to talk-which is good for me-since I love to talk to and meet new people!

Hope everyone has a great week, and you meet someone new and interesting!

p.s. Also get to talk to the folks at Pet Helpers about photographing their adoptable animals for them! Can't wait to start that :-)


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