I have such a heavy heart tonight.  One friends son was critically injured in an IED blast yesterday-in one split second his life was altered forever.  Several more friends sons or daughters are fighting for our freedom-in harms way; while their parents try not to hold their breath-waiting for that same sort of phone call.  Other of my friends are suffering the hurt and pain of marriages crumbling-a pain I know all too well.  I have other friends who are battling illnesses-some of which may prove to be too much of a battle.  What do you say to people in these situations. "I'm sorry", sounds so inadequate; "I am praying for you" should go without saying. You can't say "God has a plan and a reason", because that isn't what they want to hear.  I guess sometimes, saying nothing except, "I am here for you" is okay. 

I wondered earlier this year-ALOT-why I was going through the trials I was going through.  Had I done something to deserve it, for it to all be taken away so abruptly?  Was I paying for some past sin, or behavior?  It has taken me a long time to realize (and some days I have to really remind myself) that our God is not a vindictive God.  He doesn't PUNISH us, He loves us. Bad things happen-there isn't always a reason. They just happen.  Although  what I've gone through-even in the last 5 years of my life-can't compare to what this young man's parents must feel about his injuries-and him being so far from home; I do believe that God had a purpose for me to go through the rough times I did.  So I could help someone else-even if it's only one person-to understand that life does, will, and can go on.

Prayer is constant-and will not cease for all of my friends who are hurting. I love you-and pray for God to bring you comfort, and peace.



  1. Girl - you said it perfectly. I loved this post. There are reasons we all go through these "crisis" but we don't know them. One day, I'm sure we'll know. And GOD does have a plan for all of us. Just thinking about you! :)


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