Was I SUPPOSED to make cornbread???

My mom is really funny.  More so now than in the past, she doesn't realize that she is funny.  And I never know when she will pop up from her apartment in our basement with some funny question or anectdote.  But Saturday night, much past what is normally her bedtime-she popped upstairs, and asked, "Did you make some cornbread?"  "Hmmm...........", I thought. What would give her that idea? I know the cooking smells in my house somehow fall, in addition to rising. And in the basement you can always smell what is cooking, but I had made stir fry for dinner; not cornbread.  I am glad my mom likes my cornbread.  Please don't go thinking "Well, yeah-she's trapped in your basement-she would like anyone's cornbread cause she can't make it anymore."  My mom loved my cornbread before she forgot how to make it, and came to live with me.  I never mastered her home made buttermilk biscuits (although, much to my hubby's dismay, I tired!), my first and only attempt resembled something used in an ice rink that rhymes with DUCK!  But man-o-man! Can I whip up some cornbread!    So, the fact that she AND my mother-in-law love my cornbread means an awful lot to me!  Knowing I was taking a day trip to TN the next day, I got up early and made my mom some cornbread.......I told her Sunday morning before I left that I had made her some.  My hubby told her Sunday when they returned from church..............she forgot to eat any.  But I reminded her last night-and so she had her cornbread and milk for a late snack.  Never a dull moment-Thanks Grandma!!  We LOVE YOU!!

More cornbread to come -this weekend...........


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