I know-that sounds scary doesn't it? Do you know what that means when you're on a school campus? I didn't either until today. Today is the first day of my winter qtr. of my middle aged education. Before my favorite totally perplexing Algebra class started-our professor went over the emergency plan on the wall. I'm not sure why no one last qtr did that-maybe because I wasn't in the main building. But today I found out what CODE RED really means on this campus. It means that we lock the door to our classroom, turn out the lights and get as far out of view of the small window in the door as we can-OUT OF SIGHT!! At first I thought-pffffftttt-why would we do that? Then I recalled past events-like those on the campus at Virginia Tech, and how, if they had been aware-those students might have been able to do the same thing-and maybe more lives would have been saved. I also thought of the Ft. Hood tragedy-and how they might have done the same thing had they been aware of the danger their lives would soon be in. My heart breaks for the families of the wounded and lost. It makes me want to be more aware of my surroundings-not just on campus, but at all times. I once read a book titled "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker (1999). It's a great book-it teaches you how to recognize dangerous situations, and that when the hair on the back of your neck is standing up-it's usually for a good reason, and when that little voice inside your head says "don't go there"-you should probably listen. It didn't make me MORE fearful-just more diligent about being aware. Check it out and read it-I advise it highly for women especially-but really for everyone. As we know, crime isn't prejudiced-it can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. 

Have a blessed week~


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