Baby It's Cold Outside!

It has been unusually cold here in the Metro Atlanta area.  I keep our thermostat on a crisp 69 degrees-cause my mom feels the need to blast her basement heat on 84-and so I am sure we get some of that upstairs too!  Anywho-my puppies are always cold-and wanting to snuggle.  Peet (my dog) is a tough one. He's survived the swift kick of a protective mama deer a couple summers ago, then that same year, in the fall, he narrowly survived a bite from  a Copperhead snake.  He likes to act tough-but he's really a softie-and will snuggle with anyone when he's searching for warmth.  Evidenced by the photos below-

He doesn't like to admit that he even really LIKES Penny-but he was searching for some body heat.  His ears are back-he knew I was coming with the camera. But he's a bit bored by my fascination of his secret love for the Pennster.

But he needn't feel embarrassed, or humiliated -everyone is searching for heat.

Lady is just more "laid" back about it!

And there's Peaches-the grump we all know and love. I am really offended that she stuck her tongue out at me. I'm planning a retaliation.........

Hope you are all staying warm! The snow and ice are still on the ground in places-and a lot of streets are still impassable due to the fact they are being used as ice skating rinks right now.  School is out in our county again-and if I'm not mistaken, I heard the frenzied cries of mothers everywhere last night when they learned their 4 and 1/2 day weekend is not over yet!
Warm hug~


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